YouTube Gossiper Turned Politican GaaSyy Kicked Out of Office

GaaSyy, the former celebrity hanger-on turned YouTube gossiper, has been expelled from his latest career venture: member of the Upper House of the National Diet of Japan.

On March 15, he was expelled for not attending any parliamentary sessions since being elected last year, making him the first member of the Diet to be removed in more than seven decades. The expulsion of GaaSyy, real name Higashitani Yoshikazu, is the highest level of punishment of four levels under the Diet law. He was expelled while overseas.

Last week, GaaSyy, a member of a small single issue party, was given a chance to apologize in a Upper House session, the third highest level of punishment available. He did not appear in person, but instead sent in a previously recorded video apology, which was not accepted by his fellow lawmakers. As a result, Upper House President Otsuji Hidehisa brought up GaaSyy’s behavior again at a disciplinary committee meeting for “disturbing the order” in the Diet.

There are only two previous cases of expulsion from the Diet under the current 1947 Constitution. GaaSyy has become the first member to be expelled since 1951, and the first to be punished for being absent. He has lived in the United Arab Emirates since before the July 2022 Upper House election in which he won his seat.

He has also been criticized for taking more than ¥19 million in salary and bonuses since being elected to his posititon despite never attending.



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