Josei Jishin Releases Results of “Most Disappointing Drama of the Year” Survey for 2022

Every year end prompts the release of dozens of different rankings – best album, best artist, most sales, etc. Josei Jishin released today one that was slightly different than the rest: instead of the best work, it asked viewers: what drama was the most disappointing to you?

The very interesting results are listed below.

Three way tie for third: Tonari no Chikara, Roppongi Class, Shin Nobunaga Kouki ~My Classmate is a Warlord from the Warring States Period~

For both Tonari no Chikara and Roppongi Class, the main weakness ended up being the gap between the expectations of the viewers going into the series and what they received. For Tonari no Chikara, people felt that despite the star studded main cast and excellent scriptwriter, the differences between the abilities of the various actors was too noticeable to keep watching. As for Roppongi Class, many felt that while the actors (such as Takeuchi Ryoma and Hirate Yurina) were amazing, it simply did not live up to the standards of the original Itaewon Class that it was a remake of. Ultimately for both it was a failure of the work not being able to fulfill the promises marketed to the public.

For Shin Nobunaga Kouki, however, it was deemed just an overall failure. Despite starring popular actors like Nagase RenNishihata Daigo and Miura Shohei, no one could quite understand who the drama was for. Watchers unfamiliar with the taiga drama format were just completely lost, and people agreed that the story was quite outlandish and poorly written.

In second place was Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo. The series is the fifth adaptation of the Kindaichi Case Files, and is commonly used to feature and push newly discovered talent. However, many watchers for the 2022 series thought that this year’s work fell short of previous adaptations. Others commented that Kamishiraishi Moka, despite being in a pivotal role, had a character that was supposed to be important but ultimately not utilized well as compared to her counterpart, who was played by Shunsuke Michieda.

Finally, the number one worst disappointment drama for the year went to Kimi no Hana ni Naru. Despite how popular the drama was, many people complained about the issues regarding the story and ultimately around the main character. People were distracted by how the character was portrayed and the abilities of Honda Tsubasa, who was cast in the role.

Did your favorite (or least favorite) series make the list? Let us know in the comments!


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