BAD HOP Releases “BAD HOP (THE FINAL Edition)”

Last month, BAD HOP released their self-titled final album, ahead of their farewell concert at Tokyo Dome. Since the release of the album, two more editions of the album, the BHG Edition and the Deluxe Edition, have been released, but the group was still releasing music videos for songs that were not on any of these editions.

On March 22, “BAD HOP (THE FINAL Edition)” will be released, and contain the aforementioned missing songs. This new edition contains 33 songs in total. Also, in contrast to the original album’s cover, THE FINAL Edition’s cover features the members of BAD HOP smiling. Check out the 14 music videos that did make the original version of the album below!

BAD HOP「BAD HOP(THE FINAL Edition)」配信ジャケット

2. DOG YEAR(feat. Benjazzy)
3. IKEGAMI BOYZ(feat. Bark, YZERR, Tiji Jojo, T-Pablow)
4. Shoot My Shot(feat. Benjazzy, Eric.B.Jr & 漢 a.k.a. GAMI)
6. Lonely Child(feat. G-k.i.d)
7. THE FLAME(feat. YZERR, Tiji Jojo)
8. ONE PAN(feat. Vingo, kZm, Benjazzy, Red Eye, Jin Dogg)
9. Final Round(feat. YZERR, Bark, Benjazzy, Vingo)
10. South Side Night(feat. Tiji Jojo, eyden, Deech)
11. Rock Star Shit!!(feat. Vingo)
12. B2B(feat. Benjazzy, Bonbero)
13. KAWASAKI SONG(feat. DJ TY-KOH, Bark, T-Pablow, Benjazzy, JJJ, BIM, A-Thug)
14. Supercar2(feat. Tiji Jojo, Yellow Pato)
15. 4L(feat. Bark, Benjazzy, C.O.S.A., IO)
16. We Rich(feat. G-k.i.d, Yellow Pato, Kaneee, KOWICHI)
17. Hell Yeah(feat. Vingo, MaRI, Candee)
18. Play For Week(feat. Bark)
19. Last Party Never End(feat. Tiji Jojo, YZERR, Vingo, Yellow Pato)
20. Day N Night(feat. G-k.i.d, guca owl, KEIJU)
21. Fam*ly(feat. Tiji Jojo, DADA, LEX)
22. Every Day with You(feat. Yellow Pato)
23. OMW(feat. Benjazzy, G-k.i.d)
24. New Asian(feat. Vingo, OZworld)
25. NAMBA(feat. Bark, YZERR)
26. Mukaijima(feat. YZERR, ANARCHY, Benjazzy, T-Pablow & AI)
27. Two Tones(feat. Tiji Jojo)
28. SOHO(feat. YZERR, AK-69)
29. Locker(feat. G-k.i.d, Tiji Jojo, YZERR)
30. B-Boy(feat. Bark, MuKuRo, JP THE WAVY, MUD)
31. guidance(feat. YZERR)
32. Empire Of The Sun(feat. T-Pablow, Zeebra)
33. Champion Road


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