BAD HOP Says Goodbye with Final Album, Documentary, and Tokyo Dome Concert

Last May, BAD HOP announced their disbandment at the hip hop festival “POP YOURS 2023.” The group spent months searching for a suitable venue for their final show before finding one: Tokyo Dome. This is a first for a Japanese hip hop act. Last September, BAD HOP revealed the news at the hip hop festival “THE HOPE 2023.” “As far as Japanese hip hop, this a place that no rapper has set foot,” said BAD HOP group member T-Pablow upon revealing news of the concert.

The concert, “BAD HOP THE FINAL at TOKYO DOME”, is set for February 19 and has already sold out.

Ahead of their final concert, BAD HOP is releasing their self-titled final album on February 9. Of “BAD HOP”, group member YZERR said, “I put all of myself into this.” The eight song album will include the song “Champion Road”, which BAD HOP performed tonight during their “MUSIC STATION” debut.

Also set for February 9 is the premiere of BAD HOP’s documentary, “BAD HOP LAST ALBUM IN ATLANTA”, on Amazon Prime Video. The documentary follows the members of BAD HOP to Atlanta, United States as they work on their final album. Atlanta is the home of trap music, which has greatly influenced BAD HOP.

Amazon Music also had the voice liner notes “B-Side: RPZN”, where BAD HOP discusses the songs on their final album. There is also a playlist, “REDISCOVER BAD HOP”, which spans the group’s career.

Find out more about BAD HOP’s final album below!


  2. IKEGAMI BOYZ (feat. Bark, YZERR, Tiji Jojo & T-Pablow)
  3. Final Round (feat. YZERR, Bark, Benjazzy & Vingo)
  4. Supercar2 (feat. Tiji Jojo & Yellow Pato)
  5. Last Party Never End (feat. Tiji Jojo, YZERR, Vingo & Yellow Pato)
  6. OMW (feat. Benjazzy & G-k.i.d)
  7. Locker (feat. G-k.i.d, Tiji Jojo & YZERR)
  8. Champion Road


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