Ayumi Hamasaki Celebrates Her 45th Birthday with New Jewelry CM

Today, Ayumi Hamasaki celebrates her 45th birthday! She received a special gift today in the form of a brand ambassadorship from the jewelry company Gem Castle Yukizaki.

Like Ayu, Gem Castle Yukizaki is also from Fukuoka, and is currently celebrating its 45th anniversary. Company president Yukizaki Masakazu noted this in explaining why Ayu was appointed as brand ambassador. He also noted that for those in their 30s and older, they remember a time where she dominated fashion trends, the media, and the charts, a true Japanese diva. “Like Ayumi Hamasaki, who delivers songs and excitement to many, we will continue to provide value to people and strive to bring joy to our customers through our jewelry.”

As part of this new relationship, a new commercial, featuring her 2001 hit, “Dearest”, was released today. In the commercial, Ayu wears ¥12.8 billion worth of jewelry. Check it out below!



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