anan Reveals Its “anan AWARD 2023” Winners

Earlier today, anan held their award show, “anan AWARD 2023.” The event was streamed live on YouTube. The magazine gives its awards to stars who they believe symbolize today.

Fuma Kikuchi of Sexy Zone won the Grand Prize, and in effect serves as the face of the award show. Other winners include his fellow Family Club talents Ae! group, as well as Daichi Miura and Kawaguchi Haruna. See who else won below!

anan AWARD 2023 Grand Prize: Fuma Kikuchi

大きな笑顔の菊池風磨(Sexy Zone)


anan AWARD 2023 Actor Award: Kawaguchi Haruna



anan AWARD 2023 Artist Award: Daichi Miura



anan AWARD 2023 Athlete Award: Ishikawa Yuki

anan AWARD 2023 Athlete Award: Takahashi Ran


anan AWARD 2023 Culture Award: Jane Su



anan AWARD 2023 Reply Award: Yasuko



anan AWARD 2023 Emotional Award: Ae! group

Aぇ! groupの最年少・佐野晶哉に思わずツッコむリーダーの小島健(左)。




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