Yuta Kishi Joins TOBE, Forms New Group with Sho Hirano & Yuta Jinguji

Earlier today, TOBE held an emergency livestream on YouTube at Tokyo Dome. Sho Hirano and Yuta Jinguji appeared first, and then introduced the newest member of TOBE, their former King & Prince groupmate Yuta Kishi.

During the livestream, it was announced that the three would form a new group, Number_i. The name, which was created by Kishi, expresses the group’s aim to be #1. It also is a play on “Only one” and “Ai” (“love” in Japanese).

As far as Number_i’s activities, Hirano said that the first thing we wants to do is hold concerts. He wants their concerts to be full of things that are unique to them, so that they can get closer to their fans. He also wants to meet fans that they have not met yet.

These ideas carried over into Kishi’s words on the group’s upcoming music. He also expressed his desire to get more involved in the creation side of music, something that Hirano agreed with.

Jinguji was on the same page as hid groupmates, saying that he wants Number_i to be a group that is known in many different places.

Number_i has now opened their own site, as well as their fan club. Kishi has also opened his own X (Twitter) account.


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