YouTube Japan Reveals Its Most Played Music Videos of 2023

Today, YouTube Japan revealed its annual rankings, covering the period of 1/1/23 – 10/31/23. One of the rankings was a list of the top domestic music videos of 2023. It should be noted that this is a ranking for Japanese music videos played in Japan, so it explains why some videos rank lower, even though they have an overall higher view count.

YOASOBI‘s “Idol” topped the ranking, followed by Yukopi‘s “Kyoufuu All Back”. Snow Man‘s “Tapestry” rounded out the top three.

See the full top 10 below!


1.YOASOBI – Idol (Official Music Video)

2. Yukopi – Kyoufuu All Back (feat. Kaai Yuki)

3. Snow Man – Tapestry (Music Video)

4. Ado – Show


6. Yuuri – Billimillion (Official Music Video)

7. MAN WITH A MISSION x milet – Kizuna no Kiseki (Music Video)

8. King & Prince – Life goes on (YouTube Edit)

9. SixTONES – Kokkara (YouTube Ver.)

10. Snow Man – Dangerholic (Music Video YouTube Ver.)


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