September 28, 2023

Yonezu Kenshi Releases MV for Theme Song for New Hayao Miyazaki Film


On July 26, Yonezu Kenshi will release his new single, “Chikyugi.” The song serves as the theme song for the Hayao Miyazaki film “Kimitachi wa Dou Ikiru ka.” This is a lifelong dream for Kenshi, seeing as how he’s been influenced by Miyazaki’s work since childhood. He was selected to do the theme song after Miyazaki heard Foorin‘s “Paprika”, which Kenshi created, on the radio four years ago. Kenshi was shocked when he received the offer. “Chikyugi” was four years in the making, with Kenshi looking over the film’s storyboards and talking to Miyazaki as part of the song making process.

The song making process is documented in the 160 page photobook that accompanies both versions of the single. It features photos of the tension when Kenshi submitted the song to Miyazaki, and when Miyazaki cried upon hearing the song for the first time. The limited edition of the single is a hardcover, while the regular edition is a softcover.

The music video for “Chikyugi” has now been released. The peaceful video features Kenshi out enjoying nature. Check it out below!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


  1. 地球儀 (Chikyugi)


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