Yoda Yuki Rebuts Bunshun: “There’s Nothing Romantic About This, And I’ve Nothing to be Ashamed Of”

In a firm blog post, idol Yoda Yuki firmly rejected Bunshun‘s accounting of her relationship with her personal trainer.

In the upcoming edition for Shukan Bunshun, the publication insinuated that the current star for Nogizaka46 was doing something suspicious with her personal trainer who would often come by her house twice a week for sessions. The idol updated her blog to reject the allegations and to also reflect on how she had been pampered by the gym that she goes to.

Being an idol is no easy feat, and part of the requirements is to maintain a perfect figure. For that reason there were times that Yoda would go to the gym as much as 6 times a week, and upon going to a new gym in the summer she ended up developing a friendship with the staff at the premises. In fact she reflected that she might have been a pampered by the establishment, recounting times of how she would order Uber Eats to the premises and would sometimes receive sessions even after they were closed.

Source: Blog, Oricon


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