Comdot’s Fuji TV Program to Come Back for New Year’s Day

Comdot is a major YouTuber group with over 4 million subscribers. This year their popularity reached a new peak: for the year ended November 28th, 2022 they were the highest selling photobook with over 281,891 copies sold, and were featured on terrestrial networks 4 times throughout the year – a major first for the group. A look at any of the rankings for top YouTubers or Tiktokers for the year in Japan would feature the group and its members consistently in the top 10, further solidifying just how popular they are.

Given this it was no surprise that Fuji TV, which hosted their first ongoing program Comdot tte Nani? from September 28th to November 2nd, announced that it would be bringing back the show for a New Year’s special. Be sure to check it out!

Source: Oricon


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