Morning Musume ’22 Leader Fukumura Mizuki Announces Graduation

On the 27th, the official Hello! Project website posted a notice that the current leader of Morning Musume. ’22Fukumura Mizuki, would be graduating at the end of the fall 2023 tour for the group. She will be graduating from both the group and Hello! Project at the same time.

The member mentioned wanting to pursue her own personal goals and ambitions in a way that would best help the group as a whole. Fukumura first entered as a trainee (now called “Haropro Kenshuusei“) in 2008, and joined Morning Musume in 2011. She was later promoted to become the 9th leader of the group in 2014 when Michishige Sayumi graduated.

This announcement comes 7 days after Angerme leader Takeuchi Akari announced graduation as well. Both entered Hello! Project together. Unlike AkariFukumura has mentioned only taking a short break after graduation and a return to entertainment.

Source: Oricon


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