Release Date: April 7, 2023

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In January, XG released their third single, SHOOTING STAR. It received many positive responses, with both songs managing to crack the Spotify Viral 100 and the Mediabase Top 40 Radio Airplay chart. So when it was announced on their Twitter account that a couple of remixes of SHOOTING STAR were coming, I was intrigued since, structurally, this isn’t the easiest to re-work due to its shift between the hard verses and softer chorus.

Before I continue, I would like to define what makes a remix, as it’s a contentious issue. It will help you understand the points I am about to make as I discuss the two songs in this single. I think a song’s remix must have a distinct and recognizable difference from its original version musically. For me to recognize a remix, it must have its own concept that can take elements of the original piece but not sound like a carbon copy.

And that takes us to the first track, the BARS REMIXX featuring RICO NASTY. Going by the criteria I mentioned above, this is NOT A REMIX, but an edit with some basic arrangement changes to accommodate the guest rapper’s verses.

I don’t necessarily see what value Rico Nasty brings to the song other than allowing XG to capitalize on the hype of an American rapper by having her spit a few bars on their song. Suffice it to say, I didn’t care for her guest appearance, and her parts made me want to fast-forward to when members of XG were back on the mic.

The second track, the CHILL REMIXX, fits my criteria of being a remix. It’s a decent attempt at taking SHOOTING STAR into ambient EDM Pop, Yet it also feels somewhat generic, using a lot of production tropes associated with EDM to get the job done.

Given what is presented in this single, neither is actually that great. If you want to hear a better re-arrangement of the song, the It’s Live band version is much better.

Or you can find some bootleg remixes on Soundcloud that have better concepts.

Considering what is only on this single package, it’s best to be avoided. Stick with the superior original version instead.

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