Utada Hikaru Reveals New Best Album Information

On April 10, Utada Hikaru will release their new best album, “SCIENCE FICTION.” The album will consist for two CDs and cover their 25 year career.

In addition to the recently released digital single “Naniiro demo nai Hana”, “SCIENCE FICTION” will also feature another new song, “Electricity.”

The album will also see them revamping some of their older songs. “Addicted To You”, “Hikari”, and “traveling” have all been re-recorded. “SAKURA Drops”, “Can You Keep A Secret”, “Prisoner Of Love”, “Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-“, “Goodbye Happiness”, “Beautiful World”, “Automatic”, “Letters”, and “COLORS” will all have new 2024 mixes. There will also be a remix of “Somewhere Near Marseilles -Marseilles Atari-.”

Check out more information on “SCIENCE FICTION” below!

Limited Edition

Hikaru Utada “SCIENCE FICTION” Limited Edition Jacket

Hikaru Utada “SCIENCE FICTION” Limited Edition Package

Regular Edition

Hikaru Utada “SCIENCE FICTION” regular edition jacket

1. Addicted To You (Re-Recording)
2. First Love (2022 Mix)
3. 花束を君に (Hanataba wo Kimi ni)
4. One Last Kiss
5. SAKURA ドロップス (2024 Mix) (SAKURA Drops (2024 Mix))
6. あなた (Anata)
7. Can You Keep A Secret (2024 Mix)
8. 道 (Michi)
9. Prisoner Of Love (2024 Mix)
10. 光 (Re-Recording) (Hikari (Re-Recording))
11. Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- (2024 Mix)
12. Goodbye Happiness (2024 Mix)

1. traveling (Re-Recording)
2. Beautiful World (2024 Mix)
3. Automatic (2024 Mix)
4. 君に夢中 (Kimi ni Muchuu)
5. 何色でもない花 (Naniiro demo nai Hana)
6. 初恋 (Hatsukoi)
7. Time
8. Letters (2024 Mix)
9. BAD モード (BAD Mode)
10. COLORS (2024 Mix)
11. 二時間だけのバカンス featuring 椎名林檎 (Nijikan Dake no Vacance featuring Shiina Ringo)
12. Gold ~また逢う日まで~ (Gold ~Mata Au Hi Made~)
13. Electricity
14. Somewhere Near Marseilles -マルセイユ辺り- (Sci-Fi Edit) (Somewhere Near Marseilles -Marseilles Atari- (Sci-Fi Edit)) ※Bonus Track


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