September 23, 2023

Two Members Withdraw After Passing iCON Z Audition; ØMI Speaks About Plans


Earlier this year, LDH held one of their largest auditions to find the right girls to debut in their new group to be produced by ØMI (Tosaka Hiroomi). However, the road to their debut has been a long and thorny one.

Just one month ago, RIA announced that she would be withdrawing from the group due to her intense back pain, and today, it was announced that MINA would be withdrawing due to a personal situation that would make it difficult for her to continue.

Explaining on his Twitter, ØMI spoke about how both members and staff tried to work with her to accommodate her situation, but it was MINA‘s desire to withdraw completely, and that both the fellow members and management plan to continue supporting her as they continue on their now separate paths.

The group has been training intensely in Korea and plan on continuing their activities as a 5 member group.

Source: Natalie, Withdrawal notice

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