BUCK-TICK To Release Two Singles and One Album in the First Quarter of 2023

BUCK-TICK have just announced that they will release three new works in a row from March to April 2023. A nationwide tour has also been announced.

First they will release a new single “Taiyou and Ikaros” composed by guitarist Hidehiko Hoshino and lyrics by lead vocalist Atsushi Sakurai on March 8th. The second single will be “Mugen LOOP” composed by guitarist Hisashi Imai and written by Sakurai and will be released on March 22nd. And finally, the third release will be a new album (title still undecided) in April after 2 years and 7 months since the release of their last album. 

The nationwide tour will be held from April 19th and consist of 20 performances in 18 locations nationwide.


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