Maido na News Interviews Hiroko, the 85 year old member of vtuber group Metabaachan

The world was taken by storm after news of an 85 year old grandmother from Hiroshima made her debut as a vtuber.

As a result of this massive interest Maido na News through Livedoor interviewed the woman at the heart of this storm.

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Hiroko, the 0th generation member of the vtuber group Metabaachan.

What made you debut as a vtuber?

My grandson Shimonishi Ryuji, who currently attends the Watanabe Memorial Foundation‘s Mirai Juku, a co-working start up collective, asked me if I would consider the idea. The project is being directed by my grandson’s startup OTAGROUP Corporation. He worked on other projects like this before, namely EverWonder with GReeeeN‘s Hide. He thought that a group called Metabaachan full of grandmothers who became vtubers would be a funny pun on the term Metaba (the abbreviation used in Japan for Metaverse).

He normally runs the Twitter account, where he will tweet things after asking for my response to topics.

How has being a vtuber been for you?

At first I had no real idea as to what was going on, but ever since I started this it has been fun thinking of new ideas with my grandson. I’ve kept this a secret from everyone but my family – my family is very supportive of the idea. It has been great to see everyone’s positive and kind reactions even from around the world, which my grandson translates for me. Thank you so much for supporting me in my activities.

Source: Livedoor


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