Top 10 Most Popular Winter 2023 Japanese Dramas, According to Filmarks

Filmarks, one of the largest movie, drama, and anime review services in Japan released the ranking for the Top 10 most popular winter dramas. Data was collected based on how many times a series trended within the top 10 of the Drama category. First place is NTV’s Brush Up Life starring Sakura Ando followed by I Should Have Said 1 Million Times and War of Traps.


  1. Brush Up Life
  2. I Should Have Said 1 Million Times
  3. War of Traps
  4. Hold My Hand at Twilight
  5. On a Starry Night
  6. Love that Barks
  7. My Beautiful Man  2
  8. This Hospital Is Like a Birdcage
  9. Themis’s Law School Classroom
  10. Dou Suru Ieyasu


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