September 23, 2023

NMB48 Releases Information On New Album, Signals First Return to In Person Events In Three Years


Earlier this year, NMB48 announced that they would be releasing their first album in several years, titled NMB13. The album would contain all the singles released since WAROTA PEOPLE until the 27th, Sukida Mushi.

The track list is:

  1. Done (New track)
  2. Dependent on type
    1. Type N: Saikou ni Geihin na Atashi
    2. Type M: Enjoy Bureiko!
    3. Type B: Imasara Dotonbori
  4. Yokubomono
  5. Boku Datte Naichau Yo
  6. Tokonoma Seiza Musume
  7. Bokou e Kaere!
  8. Hatsukoi Shijo Shugi
  9. Datte Datte Datte
  10. Koi Nanka No thank you!
  11. Shidare Yanagi
  12. Koi to Ai no Sono Aida ni wa
  13. Sukida Mushi
  14. Dependent on type
    1. Type N: Gomen Aisenainda
    2. Type M: Masshomen
    3. Type B: Bugendai Knock
  15. Dependent on type
    1. Type N: Hate
    2. Type M: Seishun wa Brass Band
    3. Type B: Be happy
  16. Dependent on type
    1. Type N: Dancing High
    2. Type M: Waga Tomo yo Zenryoku de Hasshitteiru ka?
    3. Type B: Seishun Nembutsu
  17. Seishun no Lap Time 2023

In addition to the Done and Enjoy Bureiko! music videos, each type will feature a different live in the DVD. The theater version will feature the new songs DoneSouzou no PistolImasara Dotonbori and Seishun no Lap Time 2023. Theater versions are used to apply for events and only sold through the Universal Music website.

Signaling a slight return to normalcy, the first event is an online talk event, but both the second and third events are in person handshake and photo events, which would make this the first time since the pandemic began that NMB48 has done in person events for their releases.

The album can be pre-ordered using the following links:

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