SixTONES’ Jesse to Star in Japanese Premiere of “Beetlejuice” Musical

This summer, Jesse of SixTONES will star in the Japanese premiere of the Broadway musical “Beetlejuice”, playing the title role.

Based on Tim Burton‘s 1988 film of the same name, the musical version of “Beetlejuice” opened on Broadway in 2019, where it was nominated for eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

Of his new starring role, Jesse said, “I’ve been in tons of shows before but I can’t help being a bit nervous headlining a full-fledged Broadway musical. Add to that the fact that ‘Beetlejuice’ is such an iconic role, and I really want to make sure I do both the character and these songs adequate justice. My ultimate goal is, with the rest of the cast and staff, to create something so funny it will make us laugh so hard we’ll cry. I hope the audience will love it too. I can’t wait to start rehearsals!”

The show’s run is as follows:

8/4-27: Tokyo at Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre

9/2-8: Nagoya at Misonoza

9/13-27: Osaka at Osaka Shochikuza Theatre



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