Sho Hirano’s Brother RIKU Debuts with “Doubt It”

On December 20, Riku Hirano, who goes by the artist name RIKU, will make his debut with the single “Doubt It.” As his surname suggests, he is the brother of Number_i member Sho Hirano.

RIKU was born in Nagoya in 1999, and started dancing at a young age. As a child, he and his brothers formed a dance unit, which saw them participate in various dance contests, winning a number of them. Since the fifth grade, he has been active as a rapper and has performed live in many different places. In July, he launched the apparel brand “RKS RICKY”, which he designs.

“Doubt It” and its accompanying songs sees RIKU collaborating with the production unit Nu CANdY. Check out the result below in RIKU’s new music video!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition

  1. Doubt it
  2. 細胞レベルで恋してる (Saibo Cellular Koishiteru)
  3. Stupid
  4. Doubt it (Instrumental)
  5. 細胞レベルで恋してる (Instrumental) (Saibo Cellular Koishiteru (Instrumental))
  6. Stupid (Instrumental)


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