Sexy Zone’s Kento Nakajima Releases MV for Solo Song “ROSSO”

In June, Sexy Zone released their album “Chapter II.” This album was special in that it contained the group’s first solo songs since their 2020 album “POP×STEP!?” Kento Nakajima‘s solo, “ROSSO”, was written and composted by Namioka Shintaro of Penthouse. Kento has now produced a music video for the song.

Part of the reason for making this video is his own personal desire and ambition to make himself more appealing overseas. In doing so, he has released an official statement regarding the video.

My objective in conceptualizing this “ROSSO” music video was to give the fans an unforgettable precious gift in my twenties, yes at 29. And to validate my thoughts, feelings, creativity and status as an artist.

So I took it as a challenge. I, together with the team started to plan from zero and brain-storming about the concept, structure, location, and of course the whole production cost itself (whew!) Honestly as a first timer, it wasn’t that easy but we’re all so proud with the finished product. Great job guys, we made it! Mission accomplished. Kudos!

I’m very happy and yes so proud with the result and so grateful to everyone involved in this project. Glad that I was able to make concept video that I hope inspires and uplift a lot of people and I also wish this CV of mine reaches the world. Thank you all so much for making this possible. This made me realize that my feelings and thoughts as an artist is valid.

I heartily dedicate this ‘ROSSO’ concept video to all of you. Enjoy watching!

Sincerely yours,

Kento Nakajima (Artist/Creator)


Kento’s new music video can be found here.


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