Sengoku Period stage play “HiGH&LOW THE Sengoku” has been announced

A new edition to the HiGH&LOW franchise, a Sengoku period stage play called “HiGH & LOW THE Sengoku” will be performed at THEATER MILANO-Za in Tokyo from January 29. Performers will include Ryota Katayose (GENERATIONS), Maito Minami (Takarazuka Revue), RIKU (THE RAMPAGE), Yuria Seo (Takarazuka Revue), Itsuki Fujiwara (THE RAMPAGE), and Shohei Urakawa (THE RAMPAGE). While EXILE HIRO will be in charge of planning and producing the play, the team of creatives TEAM GENESIS will be in charge of the live arrangements, overall direction, choreography, music, costumes, etc. The screenplay was written by Norihisa Hiranuma, who has worked on scripts for the previous releases of the “HiGH & LOW” series, and Kei Watanabe.

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