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This article is a result of a DM from one of my fellow NanteJapan staff members, Hannah. She asked if I could post some additional content outside the occasional J-pop review.

What she asked for specifically were a few of the J-pop and Japanese-language remixes I published on YouTube. Never one to give up an opportunity to whore my work. I said, “Why not?”

To be completely transparent, I currently focus mainly on composing K-pop remixes. I know; I said a dirty word around here that triggers people into unreasonable fits. However, I dabble in Japanese and English-language music when the mood hits or the song is right.

I have been doing these kinds of projects since 2006. Combined with 30+ years of DJ experience, I have a pretty good idea of the types of music I like to apply to the songs I take on. Of course, whether anyone else agrees with my renditions is subjective. We all have different tastes.

So this batch of remixes consists of a couple of TWICE’s Japanese-language releases (MISAMO’s MARSHMALLOW and TWICE’s Better), STAYC’s Japanese debut, Poppy and XG’s LEFT RIGHT. Everything is sorted in order of newest to oldest release date.

One final note: anything without a sync to the music video is because of copyright. The audio passes, but touching the music video is a no-no.

Posts like this are going to be a rarity. But if I find a few more Japanese-language songs that strike my fancy, then maybe a follow-up will come in the future. If you want to hear more remixes then you can go my YouTube channel and check the rest out.

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DJ, remixer, girl group stan and music writer. Former contributor to International Wota, Idolminded and Nihongogo. Owner and administrator of Selective Hearing. Currently, NanteJapan technical support and part-time contributor.


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