Sawajiri Erika Makes First Public Appearance in 4 Years

On a surprise YouTube video on Matsuura Max’s channel, Sawajiri Erika, the actress who was forced into retirement due to her MDMA drug scandal, made a surprise public appearance taking Japan by storm.

Typically, celebrities with drug scandals do not have an easy time coming back into the industry, so seeing Sawajiri Erika again even on a YouTube channel took many people by shock. Given that she was also previously represented by Avex Entertainment, there were even more questions around whether or not her appearance on his channel would even be approved, but in the absence of a firm denial Matsuura decided to go ahead with filming.

On the YouTube channel, many of the comments were extremely positive, but on Yahoo News, the reaction was a bit more mixed, with people wishing that there was a better way to announce her return to entertainment. However, this is decidedly rather difficult just given the fact that returning to entertainment after a drug offense is generally unheard of.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend and not just a one off miracle!

Source: Yahoo News


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