JO1 Junki Kono & Keigo Sato become MCs for the first time on Fuji TV’s “Forbidden Love Experiment”

Junki Kono and Keigo Sato of boy group JO1 will appear as MCs for the first time on Fuji TV’s “Case Study: Forbidden Love Experiment” on August 29. They will be joined on the panel by guests Yumi Okada, Misato Kyuui (Bachelor 4 finalist), Maki Fukuda (3ji no Heroine), and Kasumi Mori (former TV Tokyo announcer). Regarding Junki and Keigo’s first MC gig, a staff member from Fuji TV commented “The two were also so natural and wonderful that I couldn’t believe it was their first MC!” 


The show will consist of two parts: “Royal Road Date”, which will be presented in the form of a manga and “Love Psychology”, which makes full use of dating techniques under the supervision of a psychology expert. The plot will follow two young men who pursue one woman with opposite approaches during three dates. When two completely different types of men appear in front of the woman, which one will she choose? 


Junki commented, “Since it was my first time as an MC I was very nervous, but I was able to enjoy the recording with the help of the wonderful guests. Both Keigo and I were so excited about the love monitoring the scenarios that we kept screaming. So I absolutely want everyone to watch it.” 


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