Okada Nana Reveals Debut Album, Asymmetry

Earlier in the year, former AKB48 member Okada Nana announced that she would be releasing her solo debut album Asymmetry on November 7th. Today she revealed all the details on said upcoming album including the track list as well as the jacket covers.

The album will feature 12 tracks, with 3 different versions: a @Loppi/HMV special jacket, and AL + Blu-ray jacket, and album-only jacket. The album only version will feature one bonus track. All songs will have lyrics written by Okada.

  1. Uragiri no Yuutosei 
  2. Green Bird
  3. “Arigatou, Shiawase ni Natte ne”
  4. Koe o ushinatta ningyo hime
  5. Net benkei no minasama e 
  6. Konoyo kara Boku Dake ga Kieru koto ga Dekitara 
  7. Shuuen no Countdown
  9. Ikiru Riyuu
  10. Mayday
  11. Saran
  12. Nozomarenai Asa
  13. Silent Mermaid

The @Loppi/HMV special version will include the music video for Uragiri no Yuutosei, the 10th anniversary concert recording held in July of 2022, and the documentary of her 1st live tour. The regular album & Blu-ray edition will include the music video for Uragiri no Yuutosei. 

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Source: Okada Nana official site


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