Number_i’s Sho Hirano Stars in His First Alcohol CM

Sho Hirano of Number_i is the face of Suntory Gin’s new “SUI” line! The new gin in made with three ingredients: yuzu, green tea, and ginger. It comes in regular gin form, but also in a canned version with soda called “SUI Gin Soda Can.”

Sho was picked to be the face of “SUI” because like the beverage, he too is refreshing! He also has a friendly character that makes one want to spend time drinking a celebratory beverage like gin.

In his new gin CM, Sho appears with Kakuta Akihiro of Tokyo 03 at a bar, where they are both drinking “SUI” and soda. The CM hits TV screens on February 10.

At the press conference for the new ad campaign, held on February 7, Sho was relieved upon seeing the image of him holding a can of “SUI Gin Soda Can.” Upon its unveiling, he said, “I was worried if I would look refreshing or not during the photoshoot, but but I look more refreshing than I thought!”

Later in the press conference, he remarked that he recently turned 27 (on January 29), and that he wants to become more and more refreshing as he nears the age of 30.

Check out photos from the press conference and Sho’s new CM below!








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