Nogizaka46 Member Okamoto Hina Announces Return To Activities

Earlier this year in March, Nogizaka46 5th generation member Okamoto Hina had announced that she would be taking a hiatus from activities due to her poor physical health.

On the 11th, she updated her blog to announce her return. Please find an excerpt below!


It’s been quite a while. This is Okamoto Hina. I was on hiatus to recover due to my poor physical health.

To be frank, the decision to take a hiatus was something that was terrifying to me. Even after I had announced that I would be taking a hiatus, I was unsure of whether or not I’d truly get better, and full of doubt over whether or not my decision to take a break was the right one.

However, I believe the warmth and support I received from everyone helped me to fully recover.

During my hiatus, I received so many wonderful comments on my blog, fan letters and messages from fans that supported me through this time.

Thank you so much for your warm support.

Starting from today, I will be resuming my activities.

It is now my turn to return that warmth to you!

I can’t wait to see everyone again and thank you all in person.

During my hiatus, I even received a lot of support from the other members and seniors.

“Take your time to fully recover.” “You really did great in making the right choice to prioritize your health.” “When you’re able to come back, we’ll work hard together!”

The other members sent me the kindest supportive messages, for which I am so thankful. They contacted me and even asked me to hang out with them. Even when they have graduated, they are still the world’s best and greatest and cutest seniors.

And my fellow 5th generation members. You always checked in on me, and would invite me to come hang out.

Thank you so much!

Okamoto has also announced that she would be taking part in the previously announced Shinzamono project with the other 5th generation members.

Source: Nogizaka46 Official Blog


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