Night Tempo Joined by Nakayama Miho, Toki Asako, Akimoto Kaoru, and More on New Album

Night Tempo is set to release his second album, “Neo Standard.” The album be released digitally and on CD on September 20, followed by a vinyl release on October 4, and a cassette release on October 11.

“Neo Standard” sees Night Tempo collaborating with ten women spanning the history of Japanese music, including Nakayama Miho, Toki Asako, Akimoto Kaoru, BONNIE PINK, and Nomiya Maki.

Check out more information on his new album below!


Night Tempo「Neo Standard」ジャケット

1. Input
2. Structure Of Romance (feat. Kyoko Koizumi)
3. Passion (feat. Kaoru Akimoto)
4. Run Or Hide (feat. Marina Watanabe)
5. Shampoo (feat. Yu Hayami)
6. Live Once (feat. Anju Suzuki)
7. Ninna Nanna (feat. Miho Nakayama)
8. Needy Greedy (feat. BONNIE PINK)
9. New Romantic (feat. Maki Nomiya)
10. Silhouette (feat. Asako Toki)
11. One Love (feat. Hitomi Tohyama)
12. Output


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