NHK Performs on “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL Shiina Ringo”

Today, Shiina Ringo had her own NHK music special, “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL Shiina Ringo.” She is currently celebrating her 25th anniversary. She recently released her first single in eight years and held her first tour in five. In this special, she is interviewed by playwright Nemoto Shuko. Ringo recently provided the song “Seishun no Tsuzuki” to Takahata Mitsuki, which served as the theme song for her play “Hoshoku Tokei”, which was written by Shuko. Ringo and Shuko are fans of each others’ work, and in this special they speak on the process of creation.

Shiina Ringo – Watashi wa Neko no Me / Inochi no Ibuki / Ariamaru Tomi

Watch here


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