New Season of “RIDE ON TIME” Coming to Netflix Globally Featuring King & Prince, Travis Japan, and More!

Season 6 of the documentary series “RIDE ON TIME” will be sequentially released on Netflix starting in June. It has also been announced that King & Prince, Travis Japan, HiHi Jets, and 7 MEN Samurai will appear in this season.

The episodes with King & Prince will cover the first fan meeting and nationwide tour of the new group, which made a fresh start with Ren Nagase and Kaito Takahashi, over a period of seven months. The two members also look back on the year of “King & Prince’s restart” and say that they have found a new way to showcase their talents.

Travis Japan’s set of episodes closely followed their activities in Japan and abroad, including their tour “Travis Japan Concert Tour 2024 Road to Authenticity” and their expedition to the US. The program focuses on where the seven members, who devote their lives to dance, are headed.

HiHi Jets’ episodes will follow them on their first solo national tour “HiHi Jets Arena Tour 2023 BOOOOOST!”. The show follows the boys as they take time out of their busy schedule to practice hard in preparation for their first solo national tour.

In 7 MEN Samurai’s episodes we get to see them as backup dancers and backing band for the national tour of King & Prince in the summer of 2023. In the group’s first close-up interview, the camera captures the difficulties and struggles faced by the six members.

Season 6 will start on June 4 with 7 MEN Samurai’s episodes, June 11 with HiHi Jets’ episodes, two King & Prince episodes on June 18 followed by 2 more on June 25, two Travis Japan episodes on July 2 followed by the last two on July 9. All episodes will be released on Netflix in over 190 different countries and territories with various subtitles.


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