Furuya Toru, Voice Behind Many Beloved Anime Characters, Admits to Affair and Domestic Violence

On Wednesday May 22nd, voice actor Furuya Toru publicly confirmed through his social media account that he had been in a 4.5 year relationship with a fan who had first learned of the currently 70 year old voice actor through his role in the anime series Detective Conan. In the letter to the public, the actor admitted to various allegations made by the gossip publication Shukan Bunshun.

Apparently, after being impressed by her passion and enthusiasm for his characters, the actor decided to have an affair with the woman who is reportedly 37 years his junior. Over the course of the relationship, he admitted to physical abuse and causing his partner to have an abortion after learning about her pregnancy.

His agency, Aoni Production, also came out with a statement deeply apologizing for the actor’s faults, all of which were reported in this week’s Shukan Bunshun. 

The veteran voice actor has had a storied career that has lasted several decades. His most famous roles in the west include: Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon), Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam), Yamcha (Dragon Ball), and Amuro Toru/Furuya Rei (Detective Conan) among other roles in anime such as One Piece and Saint Seiya.

Source: Bunshun, Furuya Official Twitter, Sponichi Annex, Aoni Productions Official Website.


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