Naniwa Danshi’s Shunsuke Michieda to Star in New Drama “Mars -Zero no Kakumei-”

In January, the drama “Mars -Zero no Kakumei-” will make its debut on TV Asahi, airing Tuesday nights at 9 PM JST. The drama stars Shunsuke Michieda of Naniwa Danshi. He plays the role of Mishima Rei, an agitated, mysterious 19 year old transfer student. The character rallies a group of school outcasts to destroy the world with him in order to rebuild it, a group called “Mars” that communicates via video. He builds this group by manipulating his fellow students through words.

“Mars -Zero no Kakumei” marks Shunsuke’s first time starring in a Golden Obi drama. This drama also marks the first time he is blond, and a dark hero.

Of the drama, Shunsuke said that he was happy to receive the offer. He also believes that by playing this starring role in a genre of drama he’s never been in before, he will be able to show a new side of himself.


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