Nakamura Shugo To Release Mini-Album 12/13, With NOTE To Hit Streaming 9/17

Seiyuu and singer-songwriter Nakamura Shugo has announced that he will release his upcoming mini-album Henshin this December 13th. The work will have 6 songs in total, with many of them written by the artist himself.

The lead track from Henshin, titled NOTE, will be released across all streaming platforms at midnight on September 17th. The pre-save link can be found here. This song was previously performed as an untitled track when the artist went on tour earlier this year.

In addition to these major announcements, Nakamura has announced that he will open up his fan club that will provide exclusive content for fans going forward, such as movies, videos and birthday messages. The application link is here.

Nakamura Shugo is a prolific seiyuu and artist, with major works including Tendou Teru from THE IDOLM@STER SideMGagamaru Gin from BLUELOCK, and Miyagi Ryota from THE FIRST SLAM DUNK.


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