Nakajima Miyuki Reveals Trailers & Tracklists For New Albums


Singer-Songwriter Nakajima Miyuki has two new albums scheduled for release this year. One being “Sekai ga Chigatte Mieru Hi” and an instrumental album “Nakajima Miyuki’s Music Collection.” Both albums will be released on March 1st. In the trailers that were uploaded on YouTube, a preview of each song can be heard.

“Sekai ga Chigatte Mieru Hi” is Nakajima Miyuki’s 44th original album and the first in 3 years since “CONTRALTO” released in January 2020. The tracklist consists of 10 songs including “Kuni” (the theme song for the 2022 drama PICU: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) a self-cover of the song “Shima Yori” that was given to Shizuka Kudo, “Tennen” that was given to Kumiko, and “Taion.”

Instrumental album “Nakajima Miyuki’s Music Collection” will include 24 songs, 19 that were selected by producer Ichizo Seo from the previous 5 existing instrumental albums, and 5 newly recorded instrumentals such as, “Mugi no Uta,” “Bojo” “Aikotoba,” “Kesho” and “Home Nite.”


Sekai ga Chigatte Mieru Hi Tracklist and Cover 

  1. Tomoni
  2. Shima Yori
  3. Jyuunen
  4. Ransei
  5. Taion
  6. Dowa
  7. Tsugumi
  8. Shingetsu
  9. Tenyo no Hanashi
  10. Yume no Miyako

Nakajima Miyuki’s Music Collection Cover and Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. Bojo
  2. Ito
  3. Gin no Ryuu no Sei ni Notte
  4. Ai Kotoba
  5. Akujo
  6. Jidai
  7. Sora to Kimi no Aida ni
  8. Nakitai Yoru ni
  9. with
  10. Ai dake wo Nokose
  11. Saigo no Megami
  12. Home nite

Disc 2

  1. Mugi no Uta
  2. Kesho
  3. Asai Nemuri
  4. Chijou no Hoshi
  5. Yokorenbo
  6. Wakreuta
  7. Ookami ni Naritai
  8. Utahime
  9. Tanjou
  10. Sobaya
  11. Ichigo Ichie
  12. Headlight Tailight



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