Nogizaka46’s Kokoniwa Inai Mono, Saito Asuka’s Graduation Single, Certified as Million Seller

Nogizaka46‘s 31st single, Kokoniwa Inai Mono, has been certified as a million seller in just two months after it was released on December 7th of last year. It is member Saito Asuka‘s final single, and the first single to be certified as such for 2023.

Captain Akimoto Manatsu said “this was our first single to hit this achievement in 3 years. As it was hard to get to this point due to the pandemic, we members are so thankful that so many people listened to and bought this release. Using the strength we’ve received from all this support we hope to bring you more works that people will love!”

On her Instagram, graduated member Saito Asuka wrote:

My final work as a Nogizaka46 member has hit a million!

While numbers are not everything, this figure that I am seeing for the first time in 3 years means so much to me, and I can feel myself slowly recognizing just how wonderful a feeling this is.

That I am able to help this wonderful group and the people around me one last time like this is such a great feeling.

Thank you so, so much for this wonderful gift. Due to everyone’s love and support today is one fantastic day!

The list of Nogizaka46 million sellers to date are:

  1. Sayonara no Imi
  2. Influencer
  3. Nigemizu
  4. Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru
  5. Synchronicity
  6. Jikochuu de Ikou
  7. Kaerimichi wa Toumawari shitakunaru
  8. Sing Out!
  9. Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemo Ii
  10. Shiawase no Hogosyoku

Source: Modelpress, Modelpress


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