Music Professionals Pick the Best 10 Songs of 2022 on “KanJam Kanzennen SHOW”

TV Asahi music program “KanJam Kanzennen SHOW” (airs every Sunday at 11:00 PM JST) spent the past 2 weeks looking back on the music scene in 2022 during the episodes that aired on January 22nd and 29th. Every year KanJam invites professionals from the music industry to reveal their ranked list of top 10 songs of the year. This time it was music producer Tsutaya Koichi, songwriter/producer Ishiwatari Junji, and Kinoko Teikoku’s vocalist and guitarist Sato Chiaki who is now active as a solo singer-songwriter.

On the episode from January 22nd, each of the guests looked back on the music scene in 2022 from their own perspective, and both Tsutaya and Sato revealed Wednesday Campanella’s “Edison” on their top 10 ranking. In addition, hit songs such as Sakanaction’s “Shock!” and songs that became a hot topic on SNS, such as “Aonisai”, made appearances in the rankings.

In the second part of the episode that was broadcasted on the 29th,  Wednesday Campanella’s “Edison” was revealed to be ranked 1st place on Ishiwatari’s list, thus making an appearance on all 3 of the guests rankings. Asmi’s “PAKU”, which became a hot topic on SNS, also appeared in the rankings by Ishiwatari and Tsutaya.


Tsutaya Koichi’s Top 10

  1. “Hydrangea” – PEOPLE1
  2. “Todai” – Bialystocks
  3. “PAKU” – asmi
  4. “Habit” – SEKAI NO OWARI
  5. “Aonisai” – Wanuka
  6. “KICK BACK” – Yonezu Kenshi
  7. “MERA MERA” – Mori Calliope
  8. “Tokyo feat. Suzuki Mamiko, Skaai” – yonawo
  9. “Edison” – Wednesday Campanella
  10. “Escape feat. mimiko” – Sara Wakui

Tsutaya on Hydrangea by PEOPLE1: 2022 was full of wonderful releases from PEOPLE1 so it was difficult to choose only one song. I ended up choosing the song that I listened to the most. I must have listened to Hydrangea at least 200 times. It has a beautiful melody, and a depth that can’t be explained with lyrics. A masterpiece of a song.



Sato Chiaki’s Top 10 

  1. “ELEVEN” – IVE
  2. “Mixed Nuts” – Official HIGE DANdism
  3. “BIJIN” – Chanmina
  4. “VENOM” – Stray Kids
  5. “Edison” – Wednesday Campanella
  6. “WA DA DA” – Kep1er
  7. “Ocha” – Ua
  8. “POP” – Nayeon
  9. “The Sun” – Ako
  10. “BYE BYE” – childspot

Sato on ELEVEN by IVE: The ethnic vibes are impactful, and the song’s structure and melody are addictive enough that the listener will not get bored. What I found most shocking was the bold tempo change in the two bars before the chorus. Before the chorus, the tempo gradually slowed down and I wondered, “What will happen after that?” In the sense that it is connected to the detonating power of the chorus, the arrangement is not just eccentric, but also makes sense musically.



Ishiwatari Junji’s Top 10

  1. “Edison” – Wednesday Campanella
  2. “Koidaro” – wacci
  3. “Fuzzy Summer” – Lucky Kilimanjaro
  4. “PAKU” – asmi
  5. “Thinking” – YONA YONA WEEKENDERS
  6. “TSURA” – Imaichi Ryuji
  7. “Have a nice day” – imase
  8. “Shock!” – Sakanaction
  9. “I.d.m” – idom
  10. “Overdose” – natori

Ishiwatari’s reasoning for listing Edison as his number one pick: Recently, in addition to music, there are now more and more consumable contents such as anime, games, SNS, etc., and they are all competing for an individual’s time. I feel that now there are more opportunities to listen to music casually while doing something. In that sense, I feel that there is a growing need for casual and light music that will brighten up the ordinary time, and in 2022 this song was the one that did just that.


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