Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Group AmBitious Unveils New Unbelievable Stage

AmBitious, a Kansai Johnny’s Jr. group formed in 2021 and produced by Kanjani8 member Okura Tadayoshi, will be performing their first solo stage titled “Unbelievable” at Tokyo Globe Theater and later Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka for the entirety of February.

The performance is structured much like a cultural festival at a Japanese high school, with each member showing off their talents in various aspects such as singing, dancing, rapping or comedy, with a special segment set aside for their first original song, Reach for the Sky. The story of the stage is meant to be a coming-of-age type. In addition to showcasing their talents, members also found new challenges for themselves to improve in, such as Ura RikutoNagaoka Leo and Ouchi Rion writing rap lyrics that would advance their skills to the next level.

Source: modelpress article and interview


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