Mukai Taichi to Re-Debut as “TAIL”

On October 25, Mukai Taichi released his first best album, “THE LAST.” In support of the album, Taichi embarked on a tour, “THE LAST TOUR.” The final show of the tour was on November 26 at Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT, and Taichi put to rest confusion about the “LAST” branding. Many were assuming that he would retire, given this branding, but instead, it’s really a new beginning.

The final song of the concert’s encore was the aptly titled “LAST SONG.” At the end of the song, ticker tape with the word “TAIL” was released into the venue. Taichi will continue his career under the name “TAIL”, ending his career as “Mukai Taichi.”

A photo of TAIL, along with his logo and a teaser video, have been released. Check them out below!




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