“ISLAND TV” to Shut Down

It has been announced that “ISLAND TV” is shutting down on December 31. “ISLAND TV” was launched on March 1, 2019 to bring Juniors’ video content to fans, similar to social media. But given that Juniors’ content is now on social media, there is no longer a need for “ISLAND TV.”

Starting on December 25, no new videos will be uploaded to “ISLAND TV.” That same day will see the end of “My Page” functionality on the Junior website and the end of favoriting on “ISLAND TV” videos.”

On December 31, in addition to “ISLAND TV” shutting down, its Twitter account will become defunct as well.

The company would like to thank fans for viewing “ISLAND TV” will it was active. It also encourages fans to continue to support the Juniors via their social media accounts.


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