Lucky Kilimanjaro to Release New Album “Kimochy Season”

On April 5, Lucky Kilimanjaro will release their new album, “Kimochy Season.” The album has the theme of “riding through change.” In this case, the change is a groove that sends listeners to a place where they can’t help but dance.

In tandem with the album’s release, Lucky Kilimanjaro released the music video for the song “Mata ne.” The song has the theme of “spring goodbye”, but it has a positive spin on it because it looks towards the future after the parting. Check out the video below!


Lucky Kilimanjaro「Kimochy Season」ジャケット写真

1. 一筋差す (Hitosuji Sasu)
2. Kimochy
3. Heat
4. 越冬 (Etto)
5. 掃除の機運 (Soji no Kiun)
6. またね (Mata ne)
7. 咲まう (Saki Mau)
8. 千鳥足でゆけ (Chidoriashi de Yuke)
9. ファジーサマー (Fuzzy Summer)
10. 地獄の踊り場 (Jigoku no Odoriba)
11. 闇明かし (Yami Akashi)
12. 辻 (Tsuji)
13. 山粧う (Yama Yosou)



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