Long awaited ‘Initial D’ sequel ‘MF GHOST’ opening theme gets CD release!

‘MF GHOST’, the new anime series that is a successor to classic street racing series ‘Initial D’, began broadcasting in October. The show’s opening theme song, ‘JUNGLE FIRE feat. MOTSU’ by Yu Serizawa, is available now on CD, released October 18!

This song made a surprise appearance when it was performed at Animelo Summer Live 2023 -AXEL-, an event held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan this summer, with anime song fans hyped for its release. The full-length version of the song and its music video were released digitally on October 9, and fans in Japan and around the world left comments hailing it as “Authentic Eurobeat”, “A song that feels like a true successor to ‘Initial D'” and “A masterpiece worthy of a new generation of the high-speed street racing legend”. Others wrote “The times and the show itself may change, but some things remain the same even as they evolve” and “The two artists have amazing chemistry”, further highlighting the burning fervor this song has attracted and the importance it holds as part of ‘MF GHOST’.

‘JUNGLE FIRE’ is sung by Yu Serizawa, a member of voice actor/idol hybrid unit i☆Ris who is also active as a solo artist; Serizawa celebrated her 5th anniversary last year and is currently on her fourth solo live tour. As a voice actor, she plays the role of Nozomi Kitahara in ‘MF GHOST’.

MOTSU is a member of the Japanese group m.o.v.e, and he worked on all of the opening theme songs to the ‘Initial D’ anime series and films, creating his deep connection with ‘MF GHOST’.

The CD will also be released in a multitude of formats.

Streaming links: https://avex.lnk.to/JUNGLEFIRE


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