Koda Kumi Gets into the Christmas Spirit with Nakayama Miho Cover

Earlier today, Koda Kumi held the live event “KODA KUMI 22ND→23RD ANNIVERSARY EVENT” in Osaka to mark her anniversary day. At the event, she revealed to the audience her upcoming releases as well as plans for a tour next year, to their cheers.

Today, she released the digital single “Toi Machi no Doko ka de…”, a cover of Nakayama Miho‘s 1991 Christmas hit. On December 7, she will release “SO FEVER” digitally, followed by the digital release of “NEVER GIVE IT UP” the next day. Both songs first appeared on the 2014 limited edition mini album “FEVER KODA KUMI LEGEND LIVE”, and then her 2021 best album “BEST ~2000–2020~.”

On December 10, she will release the digital single “Vroom.” The song will later appear on the music card “Driving Hit’s -TOKYO AUTO SALON 2024 Edition”, out January 10. In addition to “Vroom”, it will also include remixes of “BE MY BABY”, “Hey baby!”, “Lucky Star”, “Trigger”, and “Megumi no Hito.”

The music video for “Toi Machi no Doko ka de…” has been released. The music video see Kumi cruising around Tokyo on yacht as snow falls. Check it out below!

遠い街のどこかで… - Single - 倖田來未のアルバム - Apple Music


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