King & Prince, Hoshimachi Suisei, Mori Calliope, and More Perform on “Buzz Rhythm 02” for August 11

This week’s episode was partially dedicated to the event “Buzz Rhythm LIVE V 2023.” The guests for that segment were Hoshimachi Suisei, Mori Calliope, Creepy Nuts, FUJI HOSHI BAKARI, Yamato Iori, RIM, Carino Pino, Isekaijoucho, Dennou Shojo Siro, Hasu no Sora Jogakuin School Idol Club, SODA KIT, and Nanami Urara. The regular guests were King & Prince, SiM, and Peel the Apple.

Hoshimachi Suisei – Syakunetsu Nite Junjou (wii-wii-woo)

Mori Calliope – Black Sheep

Creepy Nuts x Mori Calliope – Nobishiro

FUJI HOSHI BAKARI (Bakarhythm & Fujifabric x Hoshimachi Suisei) – Tie up

Yamato Iori – Partner

RIM – Shokuchushokubutsu

Carino Pino – Daishikyuu Daishikyuu

Isekaijoucho – Sirius no Shinzou

Dennou Shojo Siro – Watashi no Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro

Hasu no Sora Jogakuin School Idol Club – Suisai Sekai / AWOKE / Do! Do! Do!


Nanami Urara – Trigger

King & Prince – Wakatteru Tsumori

SiM – The Rumbling

Peel the Apple – VIVA Natsu Sunshine


Watch here


Next week:

Katori Shingo




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