Kento Nakajima and milet to Star in Fantasy Love Story

Coming in 2025 is a new fantasy love story starring Kento Nakajima and milet, in her debut film role! The currently unnamed film is directed by Miki Takahiro. It is a remake of the 2019 French / Belgian film “Mon Inconnue”, translated title “Love at Second Sight”, but with a setting that is unique to today’s Japan.

Riku, played by Kento, and Minami, played by milet, married after falling in love at first sight during their university years. Riku had aspirations of becoming a novelist, and thanks to Minami’s support, he quickly became a popular bestselling author. On the other hand, Minami, who loved singing, was unable to fulfil her dream of becoming a singer, and felt lonely living apart from Riku, who was busy with work every day. One day, Riku’s unkind comment leads to a big fight between them. When Riku wakes up the next morning, Minami is gone, and he goes to a meeting at a publishing company, but he is perplexed by the fact that he can’t get along with the people he meets at all. Riku finds that he is now a member of the editorial staff of a literary magazine, and the town is filled with the songs and images of Minami Maezono, a prodigious singer-songwriter whom he has never even met. Riku is bewildered, but struggles to get his whole life back…

Kento released a statement about his upcoming role, which can be read below!

“I feel like I’ve found the best kind of love story, one that everyone can relate to. It’s a dream come true to be able to take part in a narrative antagonized by a trick of the gods instead of human or natural machinations, to say nothing of it being under the direction of Miki Takahiro, whom I’ve longed to work with for quite some time. I have loved the director’s previous works, and I feel truly honored to finally be a part of “Team Miki.” This movie comes at a big turning point for me personally, as I read this script at the end of my twenties and will play the main character for the first film of my thirties. I laughed and cried many times while reading the script, in sympathy with the struggles of the two characters, and I’m also looking forward to hearing milet’s singing voice, who I’m performing with for the first time. I want to do my best to deliver this beautiful and engaging romance story that I’m confident will makes audiences realize the ‘love in everyday life’ that we all too often take for granted.”


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