Kentaro Sakaguchi to Star in Two Consecutive NTV Dramas

It has been revealed that Kentaro Sakaguchi will be starring in two new NTV dramas, playing the role of a cool guy in both.

The drama airing in April is described as an unpredictable medical entertainment series and Sakaguchi will play a cool ex-doctor. In the crime-suspense drama that is airing in July he will play the role of a cool detective.

Although it is quite unusual for one actor to play the leading role in two consecutive dramas at the same TV station, Sakaguchi commented, “Starring in two dramas in a row is something I’ve never experienced before, so I thought it would be very difficult, but both roles are very appealing to me, so I wanted to play both. I think I can show everyone two cool roles that differ from each other.” 

In honor of Kentaro playing two cool consecutive roles, NTV has released a special poster.




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