AKB48 and Nippon TV Team Up For New Idol Audition Program “OUT OF 48”

AKB48 and Nippon Television have joined forces to launch a new idol audition program that is scheduled to be broadcasted on April 20, 2023 on NTV. 


Applications have now started being accepted and it has been revealed that active members of AKB48 will also be allowed to participate. CEO Yuki Ichinomiya of Blowout Co., Ltd. has been named as a producer of the new group and aims to create a group that has been described as “girly pop x dance number.” The application period will last from February 24th to March 19th. Eligibility requires the applicant to not be affiliated with a production company and is between the first year of junior high school and 22 years old as of March 19, 2023. 




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