JUJU to Release New Single “Bet On Me”

On March 15, JUJU will release her new single, “Bet On Me.” The song serves as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama “Stand UP Start.” The upbeat song has the message of betting on oneself.

The single’s first B-side is the Toki Asako-penned “Haru no Arashi.” The second B-side is a Kameda Seiji-produced cover of Los Indios & Silva‘s 1979 hit “Wakarete mo Suki na Hito.”

The music video for “Bet On Me” has a bit of a casino theme, playing on the song’s title. Check it out below!

JUJU「Bet On Me」ジャケット

1. Bet On Me
2. 春の嵐 (Haru no Arashi)
3. 別れても好きな人 (Wakarete mo Suki na Hito)
4. Bet On Me -Instrumental-



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