Director Yoji Yamada Completes His 90th Film “Hello Mother” at Age 91

On March 15th, a press conference to announce the completion of filming for “Hello Mother” starring Yo Oizumi, Mei Nagano, and Sayuri Yoshinaga and directed by Yoji Yamada was held at the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. Newly revealed cast members such as Akira Terao, Kankuro Kudo, YOU, and Moe Edamoto were also in attendance. Still going strong at age 91, when asked about the accomplishment of directing his 90th film, Yamada replied, “Quantity of films is not really something to brag about because among those 90 films some are simply garbage. It’s true that I have made many films, but it’s not a thing I constantly keep in mind. Whenever I make a new film, I try to approach it as if I was a beginner.”  Other notable works directed by Yamada include “The Twilight Samurai”, “The Hidden Blade” and “The Little House.” 


Described as an emotional family drama, the story is based on a play by one of Japan’s leading playwrights, Ai Nagai. Set in modern Tokyo downtown, the film follows Akio Kizaki (Yo Oizumi), head of the Human Resources Department of a large company who is going through a divorce and is concerned about the relationship with his daughter. To escape the stress and worries of everyday life, he decides to visit his mothers house (Sayuri Yoshinaga). 


“Hello Mother” will be released in Japan on September 1, 2023.

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